About us

Seedstore - The Shop

Started in 07' by a couple of friends, right outta college. 

What started from a chai tapri pop-up shop is now a unique home shop since the last fifteen years.

We Believe nothing comes even remotely close to the real in-store experience of our Mumbai store. If you happen to be in the bay, Come say hi to us!


After running away from emails and anything else that normal jobs entail, we finally got to working 

Seedstore.co.in is an organic extention of our store

15 years later the 2 men now a while since they left college met two young boys, still in college & our journey began since, November 2021


The only "RYO" tobacco we trust 

Homegrown straight outta of Goa, Specially flue cured virginia blend.


"चिंदी" is a local indian term for waste of cloth pieces

A thrift and vintage store 


PHONE : +91 93245 75165

EMAIL US : help@seedstore.co.in

WORKING HOURS : 12 pm - 8 pm (Mon-Sat)